Contact US is a partnership firm established in 2020 as an online News Portal based in Kuruppampady situated in Office 2 and 3, 1st Floor, Mariya Hospital Building, Kuruppampady Town and catering to the needs of local residents of Kuruppampady and its surrounding localities.

Our purpose is not to be in direct competition with the established traditional print and visual media, which mostly relies on either political or religious backing or its natural biases, but to follow a new path of journalism wherein we stand for and with only Truth and Welfare of the society in reporting styles and news presentations.

In the current age of Information Communication and Technology (ICT), we can’t think of a life without modern technology which has affected every aspect of our life. Likewise it has also taken over the information providers. Today even leading newspapers has shifted their focus to news portals and web application. For this reason, anytime, anywhere, anyone can access a website by internet at low cost and is becoming more acceptable than traditional print media.

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